Human C1-esterase inhibitor concentrate (Berinert)

Human C1-esterase inhibitor concentrate (C1-INH concentrate) is derived from human plasma and is indicated for the treatment of acute episodes of hereditary angioedema. Intravenous C1-INH concentrate provided rapid symptom relief in patients with acute abdominal or facial episodes associated with type I or II hereditary angioedema, according to the results of the randomized, double-blind, multicenter, placebo-controlled IMPACT-1 trial. The median time to the onset of symptom relief was significantly shorter with C1-INH concentrate 20 U/kg than with placebo (0.5 vs 1.5 hours). A subsequent noncomparative extension trial (IMPACT-2) showed the ongoing efficacy of ‘on-demand’ treatment with C1-INH concentrate; overall, the onset of symptom relief occurred in a median 30 minutes. Several additional studies demonstrated the efficacy of intravenous C1-INH concentrate in patients with laryngeal edema, skin swellings, or abdominal episodes associated with type I or II hereditary angioedema. Self-administered home therapy with intravenous C1-INH concentrate significantly improved health-related quality of life in patients with hereditary angioedema. Dermatology Life Quality Index and Short Form 36-item Health Survey scores were significantly improved from baseline by self-administered home therapy with C1-INH concentrate. Intravenous C1-INH concentrate was well tolerated in patients with hereditary angioedema, with no confirmed cases of viral transmission. [References: 28].


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