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HAE Associations Around the World

Please contact us if your organization is concerned with issues affecting people with C1 inhibitor deficiency. We would like to add your organization or web site to our networking list.

  • HAEi – a global organization dedicated to raising awareness of C1 inhibitor deficiencies around the world.
  • Argentina – Angioedema Hereditario
  • Denmark – HAE Danmark
  • France – AMSAO : Association des malades souffrant d’angio-oedèmes par déficit en C1 inhibiteur
  • Germany – HAE Vereinigung e.V.
  • United Kingdom – HAE UK
  • Hungary – HAENETWORK
  • Italy – Associazione volontaria per la lotta, lo studio e la terapia dell’angioedema ereditario
  • United States – Hereditary AngioEdema Association

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