Hereditary angioedema: On-demand treatment of angioedema attacks [Review]

The availability of effective acute treatment for angioedema has been fundamental in reducing the burden of illness for patients with hereditary angioedema (HAE). In building on the foundation of scientific advances that elucidate the pathomechanism(s) of attacks related to vascular permeability, novel targeted on-demand treatments have been developed and approved. These therapies have provided the means to arrest episodes of swelling, which, in the past, had the potential to inexorably lead to morbidity, and even mortality, for patients with HAE. Access to these medications, along with an emphasis on early administration and guidance that all attacks are candidates for treatment, has shifted the management paradigm for HAE. Although unmet needs remain, these acute therapies, coupled with advances in prophylactic treatment, have furthered the goal for all patients with HAE to live a normal life.

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