Value co-creation in healthcare: evidence from innovative therapeutic alternatives for hereditary angioedema

BACKGROUND: Our research focuses on the co-creation of value in healthcare with reference to a case of hereditary angioedema with C1 inhibitor deficiency (C1-INH-HAE). Our work is mainly based on the concept of value co-creation in healthcare. The aim of this study is to assess the impact of an alternative treatment strategy – self-administration – by focusing on treatment outcomes and costs to understand if innovative therapeutic solutions can create value for patients and healthcare systems.

METHODS: This paper compares home-based and hospital-based therapeutic strategies (independent of treatment type) with a cost minimization analysis. It encompasses compliance issues and focuses on both payer and societal perspectives, also benefiting from an operationalization of the service-dominant logic model for healthcare delivery. Data were collected over a 6-month period (August 2014-January 2015) through monthly patient interviews. Archival data were used for variable measurement.

RESULTS: Thirty-nine out of 62 patients enrolled in the study, experienced at least one HAE attacks, equally distributed between home and hospital-based strategies. No evidence of correlation between therapeutic strategy and disease severity score (p = 0.351), compliance (p = 0.399), and quality of life (p = 0.971), were found. Total direct cost per attack amounts to 1224 for home-based strategy with respect to 1454 for hospital-based strategy, with a savings of 230. The economic advantage of the home-based strategy almost doubles if the societal perspective was considered due to a further savings of 169 (less missed work/school days and no travel expenses).

CONCLUSIONS: Our study suggests that home-based therapies represent a feasible strategy for managing C1-INH-HAE and may result in lower costs and increased value for both patients and the healthcare systems. The findings are relevant to the debate on and extend the extant literature to provide a broader view of value co-creation dynamics for home-based therapies in healthcare and their positive effects. The insights are relevant to practitioners and policy makers.

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