Remissions induced in hereditary angioneurotic edema with an attenuated androgen (danazol): correlation between concentrations of C1-inhibitor and the forth and second components of complement


Serum concentrations of antigenic and functional C1-INH increased in patients in whom remissions from attacks of HANE were induced with danazol. The levels of C4 were directly related to serum concentrations of C1-INH antigens up to a concentration of about half the C1-INH found in normal plasma; at this point, the C4 concentrations were in the normal range and no longer correlated well with C1-INH concentration. Serum C2 levels correlated less well with C1-INH concentration. In normal serum there was a poor correlation between C1-INH, C4, and C2 levels, suggesting that C1-INH is normally present in excess of the amount needed for normal C4 levels. The increments in serum C1-INH were related to the dose of danazol.

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