Hereditary angioedema – consequences of a new treatment paradigm in Denmark

Experiences from a Danish patient cohort with hereditary angioedema are reported with focus on home therapy and burden of illness. Eighty patients have been prospectively followed over 11 years, having experienced a total of 7,809 attacks over 469 patient years. More than half of the patients stopped long-term prophylaxis with danazol or tranexamic acid and changed treatment regimen to on-demand treatment with C1 inhibitor concentrate or icatibant. At least 10% of the attacks remained un-treated. More than half of the patients felt that hereditary angioedema had a significant psychological impact on their lives and restricted their physical activities. By December 2012, a total of 39 patients (49%) were practicing home treatment of acute attacks. Home therapy reduced the mean number of acute hospital visits by 84% and significantly improved burden of illness items. In conclusion, home therapy has profoundly improved the lives of hereditary angioedema patients.

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